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A Patient's Holiday Wish List

Christmas Day is only one week away! As the holiday season flies by, we’d like to share a piece originally found on OrthoServiceLine, called “What Orthopedic Patients Want This Holiday Season.” Written as a letter to “Dr. Claus,” it serves as a reminder that what patients want most this holiday, and all year long, is to spend as much time as possible with family and friends in the healthiest way possible. Here are our top 3 favorite highlights:

1. A Friendly Ear

It’s imperative to remember that patients are more likely to listen to providers they trust. Otherwise, they’ll be much less likely to comply with treatment directives, regardless of the provider’s qualifications.

2. Personalized Treatment

This patient is clear that they need to be seen as an individual with unique needs and concerns, rather than just another appointment. Patients often have a desire to be included and empowered as active members of their own treatment team.

3. A New Lease on Life

Most patients elect surgery because they’re committed to being physically, emotionally, and mentally better in the coming year. For providers, these procedures are just another day at the office. But each patient comes in hopeful for reduced pain and a drastically better quality of life and function.

This holiday wish list reminds us to consider the overall well being of the entire patient. Just listening respectfully to opinions, concerns, wants and needs can go a long way towards patient satisfaction and comfort. The full wish list can be found here. Happy Holidays from Exscribe!